Missions Large and Small

Missions Large and Small

Our Gospel this weekend begins with the words, “Jesus summoned the Twelve and began to send them out two by two.” Now perhaps you’ve been moving about in this summer heat in groups larger than two, but no matter the size, there’s also been a purpose – a mission – placed upon your activity. The beauty of seeing our summer activity through the lens of Jesus’ missionary work is that our selfish instincts, impulses to self-pity, or feelings of inadequacy can fade to the background for a time. The work of a missionary is not first their own – they are preciously chosen and given a word from above to be shared. This shared Word of God blesses the recipient but also returns in abundance to the giver. Just look at some of the missions at work in our midst:

♦ Our new associate priest, Fr. Jose, is expected to arrive this Tuesday evening and should join us for Sunday liturgies next week. He will be a missionary to us, and I know you’ll join me in giving him a hearty St. Aug’s and St. Mary’s welcome.

♦ Just last Thursday, we were blessed to have friends from Slovenia visit us as they toured the sites of prominent Slovenes: Bishop Baraga, Bishop Trobec and Fr. Pierz. Again, they brought the universality of the Church family with them.

♦ In the coming weeks, I hope you’ll be able to hear the testimonies of our Peruvian missionaries, whether from the ambo, the back of church, our stockholders dinner, or other conversation. What missionary momentum this adventure has created!

♦ Also, we welcome back our Steubenville missionaries on Monday – please ask them about their adventures and be that “oxygen” that fans their faith into fire.

Of course, one does not need to travel great distances to respond to Jesus’ missionary call. In fact, might I encourage each of you to pray about someone in your neighborhood that you’ve been meaning to (re)introduce yourself to6let your mission be across the street!

With praise and thanks to God!

Fr. Scott

Steubenville Retreat Departs this Week

Our group of 53 youth and chaperones will depart on July 12 for the Steubenville Retreat! They are excited to work together on a service project, visit the Grotto of Redemption in West Bend, Iowa, join thousands of other youth in Rochester for the Steubenville Conference, play and pray together at a camp, and tour the Basilica of St. Paul on the way home. It’s a full schedule! Thank you to all who donated to our fundraisers (cinnamon rolls, Christmas cookies, ice cream bars, and pizzas). We are very grateful for your support! The Steubenville Retreat participants will join us for Mass at 8:15 am at St. Augustine on July 12 followed by a potluck breakfast before they leave for retreat. All are welcome. Please keep this group in prayer as they travel July 12-17.

The Week Ahead: June 5th - June 10th, 2018

Tuesday, June 5
9:00 am Church Cleaning (St. Aug.)

Wednesday, June 6
9:00 am - 3:00 pm Parish Staff Planning Day
6:00 pm Communion and Liberation (Mary Ctr.)

Thursday, June 7
7:00 pm Ordination Choir Rehearsal (St. Mary’s)

Saturday, June 9
8:00 am Seven Sisters Meeting (Mary Ctr.)
8:00 am Lay Carmelites Meeting (Mary Ctr.)
8:00 am Men’s Group Meeting (Mary Ctr.)

Sunday, June 10 7:00 pm
Jr. High & High School Totus Tuus (St. Aug.)

Corpus Christi: The Gift of His Person

With a delightfully full calendar of celebrations in these days, there have been many opportunities to search for gifts. First Communion gifts, Confirmation gifts, Graduation gifts, Ordination gifts and even some going away gifts. Gifts to be received, gifts to be given, gifts all around us.

Jesus, too, was constantly giving gifts. He gave words that healed, words that brought mercy, words that instilled new hope. Before ascending, He gave us the Gift of the Holy Spirit to be with us always.

And on this weekend we celebrate the incomparable and ever-lasting Gift of the Eucharist. For Jesus, giving words, giving mercy, giving His own Spirit were not enough. He wanted to love us beyond any limit – and so He gives his very person to us in the Body and Blood of the Eucharist. In the Eucharist, Jesus is both the model of self-giving love, and the source through which we gain courage to do the same.

In the gift of Fr. Doug Liebsch, I have been blessed to see Jesus continue to be generous with the People of God. As you know, we have one month left to enjoy Fr. Doug before he is called on to his new role as Cathedral High Chaplain and Assistant Vocation Director. Thankfully he’ll still be close – directing our College Men’s “Marmion House” at St. Aug’s rectory.

At Mass, you have witnessed Fr. Doug pray the words by which Jesus takes flesh, “Take this all of you2this is my Body.” You have also witnessed Fr. Doug live those words in his dedication to prayer, compassionate listening, eager service, and desire to be a living icon of Jesus. The photo on the right also speaks to other talents we’re all still discovering!

Please plan to join us for Fr. Doug’s going away party on Thursday, June 14, from 4:30-6:30 pm in St. Mary’s lower church or thank him as you’re able. I know he joins me in requesting prayers for our new associate priest, Vincentian Father Jose Chettoor, who will join in just a few weeks.

With gratitude for so many Gifts,
Fr. Scott

This post was taken from the June 3, 2018 Bulletin. To download that bulletin click here.